Cabot: New range of specialised black pigments

A new range of black pigments which provide clearly differentiated performance for polyolefin film production has been developed by Cabot. BLACK PEARLS® 3030, 4040 and 4060 have been specially designed to provide a particular performance balance in terms of the four most important criteria for film materbatch producers: opacity, weatherability, film smoothness and dispersability.
BLACK PEARLS 3030 provides very high standards of dispersability and film smoothness, making it particularly suitable for photographic and surface protection film. With good opacifying performance and weatherability.
BLACK PEARLS 4040 has been designed to provide an optimum cost/performance balance for most agricultural film requirements.
BLACK PEARLS 4060 provides superior opacifying power, making it suitable for agricultural film requiring extreme weatherability performance and therefore particularly long service life.

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