Deceuninck: Closure of Uniplast unit

Belgium’s Deceuninck Group, the number three global manufacturer of uPVC window profiles and cladding, closed its Uniplast subsidiary. Located in Estaimpuis, 100km south-west of Brussels, Uniplast produced Vitflex PP pre-cabled conduit and Mondoflex small diameter PE water pipe. It employed 14 staff. Uniplast was acquired by Deceuninck in 1998, but remained a small player in the Belgian market. Sales in 2001 were €2.39m (£1.44m), almost identical to 2000, but representing less than 1% of the group’s €350.6m (£210m) consolidated sales.
Uniplast’s sales this year were forecast to improve, but escalating raw material prices over the last three years have kept margins low. The Vitflex business, which includes two machinery lines, has been sold to Belgian company Preflexible, based in Ninove. Grainplastics, located in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, has bought the Mondoflex operation, which also comprised two lines. Neither purchase price has been disclosed. Both purchasers already have businesses in the respective markets. Their combined turnover is about €18.5m (£11.1m), almost eight times greater than Uniplast’s.

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