The new On-Line Laboratory ALFA from Optical Control Systems (OCS) incorporates a Film-Test-System which allows the measurements and recording of in-homogeneities and black specks as well as other physical, chemical and rheological parameters important in the production of polymers.The ALFA system combines a measuring extruder 20/25D (type 20/26) with gear drive, in combination with a Chill Roll (CR-7 or CR-8) and Winding Unit and is used in the production of narrow cast film especially for quality control during polymer production. This system is suitable for use in a laboratory or on-line. It is important that production is able to react quickly to any deviations from set values and so, the ALPHA system is usually installed close to the production process. With special rotating bypass systems, granules are directly taken from the process and
tested, with the excess granules being returned. The reaction of the system to deviations is usually determined by the length of time the material is in the extruder. With this system, response time is a maximum of three (3) minutes. During this time, the product is held in an intermediate silo. Aside from a purely optical assessment of film, the ALPHA also measures its thickness, as well as the concentration of any additives.

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