Nanocor: Cooperation with PolyOne in Nanocomposites

Nanocor Inc.has forged a strategic alliance with compounder PolyOne Corp. of Cleveland in order to speed market penetration of polyolefin- and PVC-based nanocomposites into automotive, appliance, wire/cable, and other durable-goods markets. The latest alliance is one of several recently initiated by Nanocor, a top world supplier of nanometer-size clay particles. Nano-clays in thermoplastics impart higher strength, stiffness, barrier properties, and fire resistance while adding little to part weight.PolyOne’s contributions would include its compounding know-how, far-flung production assets, and broad access to end-use markets. The partners also plan to coordinate R&D activities on nanocomposites based on polyolefins and vinyl. PolyOne will take full control of sales, marketing, and manufacturing of nanocomposites based on Nanocor materials, including pelletized and concentrate forms.

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