New Laboratory Scale Extruders

APV Baker has introduced a new generation of laboratory-scale twin-screw extruders. Features to maximise control, the acquisition and management of data, and ease of operation have been developed to meet a clear need within the powder coating, thermoplastics compounding, masterbatch and pharmaceutical sectors. An increased screw speed capability of up to 1000 rpm promotes exact replication of laboratory work to industrial scales, where the trend is to run at a higher rpm. This also extends the range of materials that can be handled. Full data logging allowing continuous monitoring of all product control parametres is an option. InTouch data acquisition software from sister company Wonderware is backed by the full resources of the Invensys group. A touch-screen terminal gives precise, immediate response. APV Baker laboratory twin-screw extruders are available in a range of processing lengths from 15:1 to 40:1. They are designed for simple operation with a clam-shell barrel design allowing easy cleaning, optimisation of the process and rapid change of screw configurations.

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