Ferro Corp.: CaZn for wire matches cost-performance of lead

Three families of calcium-zinc heat stabilizers for PVC are said to be a cost-effective alternative to lead in a broad range of wire and cable applications. New Therm-Chek powder stabilizers from Ferro Corp. boast dynamic thermal stability comparable to that of lead at reduced loading levels and without higher cost. These stabilizers suit the following applications:
*General-purpose, tray, and riser jacketing: RC 149P, RC 216P and RC 197P are said to outperform tribasic lead sulfate (TBLS) in dynamic color-stability tests at process temperatures (356 F). In catastrophic testing at elevated temperatures and rpm rates, they matched the performance of lead-based products at lower loading and lower cost. Aged physical properties reportedly are equal to or better than lead. No process modifications are needed, as these additives have little effect on lubricity and processing characteristics.
*SVT, SPT, SJT and SJTW cordage: RC 232P can replace TBLS at similar cost in these cordage applications. In UL 62 tests on 14 AWG wire, it yielded higher insulation resistance than TBLS. Similar results were achieved in dynamic color-stability tests. Processing and aging characteristics are said to be comparable to those with TBLS.
*THHN and THWN: RC 215P and RC 217P meet UL 83 requirements for wet electrical resistance. Compared with a lead-based THWN formulation on 14 AWG wire, a RC 215P formulation yielded significantly higher insulation resistance values after 26-week immersion in 432 F water. RC 217P is a low-cost version of RC 215P said to have color-stability, processing, and aging characteristics equal to or better than those of lead. Tel: (216) 641-8580, www.ferro.com

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