Screwtech Engineering: Vent port stuffer improved

Following the recent sale of 12 Vent Port Stuffers to a major German/Anglo compounder, Screwtech Engineering has further improved its ‘Vent Port Stuffer’ to provide a number of vacuum connection options and an easier cleaning process between colours. The vacuum body is now in two halves, which makes it easier to dismantle for cleaning, and doesn’t disturb the high temperature bearings and seals. The unit is designed to combat the common compounding problem of material rising in the extruder’s vacuum port and blocking the catch pots or catching fire. The pair of self-wiping twin screws push material back down the port while still allowing customers to draw a full vacuum to remove moisture and volatiles. According to the company, many customers who have been limiting their throughput to prevent these problems, report increased outputs of up to 42% after fitting the unit. The success of the product is attributable to Screwtech’s willingness to let customers test the product on a Sale or Return basis so they can gauge the benefits for themselves.

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