Enercon: Plasma3™ leads the most complete surface treating exhibit at CMM

Booth # 4172 will offer CMM visitors the widest look at the future of surface treating. The new Plasma3™ atmospheric surface treater is breaking ground in long lasting treatments and advanced surface morphology. It is ideal for specialty applications requiring stringent surface specifications, improved hydrophilicity and hydropobicity functionality and precise surface coating performance. Atmospheric plasma has also been proven as an effective alternative to some flame applications.
Converters with more traditional applications will be interested in Enercon’s Universal-roll treater outfitted with Enercon’s Low Friction (ELF) rolls. The ELF rolls make facilitate smooth web handling of lightweight substrates.
From narrow to wide to ultrawide Enercon has a system for every line. The CMM exhibit will feature the revolutionary ThermaGlide™ concept for ultrawide systems. This new proprietary technology virtually eliminates electrode warping on ultrawide lines.
All of the surface treaters are powered by Enercon’s ultra-reliable line of power supplies. The latest in IGBT technology and advanced computer interface capabilities make these power supplies the industry standard.
Visitors to Enercon’s booth will also have the opportunity to test their surface treating knowledge with a fun interactive challenge.

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