Clariant: Flame retardants for composites

The JEC Composites Show will take place from 1st to 3rd April 2003 in Paris. In Hall 1/Stand M 14 Clariant’s BU Plastic Industries will present innovative flame retardant systems. This year’s presentation will focus on the use of Exolit® AP, a highly effective, halogen-free range of additives based on ammonium polyphosphate (AP), for flame retarding unsaturated polyester and epoxide resins.
In contrast to conventional filler flame retardants, only low addition rates of Exolit, sometimes in combination with aluminium trihydrate (ATH), are required to meet the most stringent fire regulations. The low level of loading results in good processing characteristics and finished articles with low specific gravity and excellent mechanical properties.
Exolit AP 740 and AP 750 are two high performance additives for polyester intumescent coatings and epoxy resin-based gel coats. These modifications of Exolit AP achieve high fire resistance times even at low film thickness. The film foams and insulates the still unignited underlying material (intumescence). Since the process takes place directly on the surface of the material, emissions are significantly reduced.
Modifications, synergistic mixtures and specialist formulations enable Exolit AP to cover a wide range of applications. As flame retardants for unsaturated polyesters and epoxide resins, these additives are used primarily in the building, electrical and rail vehicle sectors. Suitably formulated coatings or plastics components in buildings, transport facilities thus offer maximum safety in preventative fire protection according to DIN 4102, UL 94 V-0, UL 94 5V and DIN 5510.
As all flame retardant systems in the Exolit range, the new AP-based products are halogen-free and environmentally friendly. In fires, smoke density is significantly reduced and additional corrosive gases are not generated, two further advantages which distinguish Exolit as a future-proof flame retardant particularly in the light of whole of life product assessment.

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