Enercon: Benefits Converters of Lightweight film

Continued development in films have put the pressure on many converters to handle thinner and more lightweight films. These films are more difficult to handle than their thicker predecessors and can easily wrinkle and pucker throughout the line. If the web is not properly handled the problem intensifies at the corona treater.
Material handling in and out of the corona treater is critical. Too much tension and SNAP!, the web breaks. Too little tension and the film will wrinkle or pucker, uneven treatment will result and the surface treatment process will amplify the wrinkling and puckering issues.
To help alleviate this problem Enercon has developed the ELF- Enercon low friction roll. The ELF’s light-weight design significantly reduces momentum and inertia. The roll turns more freely than conventional rolls which adds to production stability, especially during starts and stop. The ELF’s low friction capabilities and Enercon’s proprietary roll coatings are an ideal combination for surface treating lightweight film.
The ELF is available for new treating stations and in many cases can be retrofitted onto existing stations in the field. For more information on the ELF and other tips on handling lightweight webs in and out of the corona treater, converters can visit www.enerconind.com/pr/elf.html

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