HENCO: pipe innovations at ISH 2003 in Frankfurt

During the ISH in Frankfurt , which is being staged from 25th until 29th March 2003, Henco will be on hand to showcase the company’s innovative Henco sandwich multi-layer pipes, Henco screw fittings, press fittings and other heating and sanitary accessories.

Priding itself on being a flexible company, Henco is quick to anticipate market trends by offering innovative top-quality products. Apart from various official seals of approval, such as DVGW, ATG, KIWA, KOMO, ÖNORM and WRC, Henco also enjoys ISO 9001 certification. About 80% of the company’s output are exported to 60 or so countries: outside Europe the main markets served are Asia and the Middle East.

Henco now manufacturers about 1.5 million metres of compound tubing a week, which equates to 60,000 km a year, or enough to circle the earth!

Henco sandwich pipes

The basic product is Henco’s sandwich multi-layer pipe: a flexible compound tube made from cross-linked polyethylene and a layer of aluminium. This tube offers all the advantages of metal and plastic. It is used for heating elements, collectors, sanitary systems, drinking water systems and - last but not least - floor heating systems.The cross-linking procedure that involves electronic beam processing is of vital importance for guaranteeing top-quality Henco compound tubes.Polyethylene comprises chains of interconnected molecules. With electronic beam processing, the tube is exposed to intense electronic rays which displaces the atoms and alters the structure of the plastic.
The hydrogen atoms receive these electrons and leave links in the carbon atoms in the molecular chains free. Two carbon atoms belonging to seperate molecular chains and having a free link bond and thus link two chains. The links between the chains form a web-like structure, which is called cross-linking.

Henco fittings

Henco fittings complement Henco multi-layer tubes perfectly. Made from top-quality plastic and steel, these environmentally friendly fittings can be attached in a seconds with mains and battery-powered press tools and jaws. As they generally consist of plastic, they are resistant to corrosion and may be recycled.

Screw fittings

Henco has a complete range of compression fittings. The metal fittings with Eurocone connection are suitable for all common types of nipples with Eurocone connection and guarantee a triple seal. The special design of the fitting eliminates torsion. Henco screw fittings are suitable for all systems using Henco sandwich tubes.

Press fittings

Henco’s metal press fittings are made with electrical Power-Press jaws. One press on the button and the connection is completed within seconds. These non-detachable press couplings are resistant to torsional strain and tension load.

New: Henco floor heating

Henco manufactures its own floor heating system using its patented multi-layer pipes.This system not only makes it possible to promote rational energy use, it also guarantees the longevity of the system by eliminating oxygen absorption. Other advantages of Henco floor heating include pleasant radiant heat, less air circulation and hence less dust deposits, less invasion of space etc.Furthermore, Henco lends support to installation engineers by offering a professional design service. We offer calculations free of charge for floor heating equipment based on four systems: pipes fastened to studded plates, to metal mesh reinforcement, to clip rail or fastened by stapling. Customers also receive a CAD layout free of charge with their order.

A major development in 2003 is the production of larger pipe sizes. During ISH 2003 visitors will have the opportunity to see the 40 Ø. Owing to its overwhelming success in various countries we have opted for a comprehensive PVDF system for this new product. Currently Henco produce in-house 30,000 PVDF fittings per day and production capacity will be increased during 2003 by a further 50%!

For further information: pay a visit to the Henco team, at stand N° 6.1A60
Website: www.henco.be

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