Beta LaserMike: Ultrasonic Measurement & Control

Beta LaserMike is a global organisation committed to innovate, manufacture and service precision measurement and control systems for the wire and cable, pipe/profile/tube, and piece part inspection markets. As one of the world’s first automatic set-up ultrasonic measurement and control systems for wall thickness and concentricity, Beta LaserMike’s new UltraScan system offers unmatched performance and virtually eliminates operator influence providing tube, pipe, conduit, packaging, vinyl siding and other extrusion manufacturers with on-line measurement capability to improve product quality, increase throughput and decrease costs. Beta LaserMike’s GraviScan weight and throughput measurement system is an essential element to extrusion manufacturers looking to maximise their extrusion process by continuously monitoring the extrusion process during the fill, empty and refill process. When coupled with a process controller, manufacturers can control line speed, monitor the extrusion screw’s RPM, communicate through standard field-bus interfaces and develop quality documentation as printed reports or exported data.

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