Noveon: Acquisition of ESD sheet technology

Noveon, Inc., USA, has purchased sheet-extrusion technology and other assets from SJM Eurostat S.A. in Point-de-Poitte, France. SJM supplies static-control products to the electronics industry in Europe. Noveon says it will immediately begin servicing customers with ESD-control sheet products toll-produced for Noveon by SJM. The sheet-extrusion technology acquired by Noveon covers carbon-filled HIPS, ABS/PC, HDPE, and EVA. Noveon also plans to introduce a new dual-layer HIPS product that combines the conductive carbon-filled technology from SJM with a layer of Stat-Rite inherently static-dissipative polymer technology from Noveon. The new sheet product enhance Noveon’s ability to supply thermoforming customers.

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