Battenfeld Gloucester 7-Layer Blown Film to Carpak

Converting companies like Carpak S.A., a Carvajal company in Colombia, South America know they need the latest technology to compete in Latin America, and also globally. Their Flexa Division in Cali, Colombia is proof of that. The 140,000 square foot plant now features a sophisticated 7-layer blown film line from Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering, which was recently installed.
‘Because Carvajal has been recognized in Latin America as a top technical leader’, states Joaquin Llano, Flexa’s Technical Manager, ‘We needed to choose state of the art equipment to maintain that position and promote the company’s vision of being an expert in the industry.’
Boasting one of only two 7-layer blown film lines in Latin America (both supplied by Battenfeld Gloucester), Carpak-Flexa Division started up production last August shortly after a very efficient installation coordinated by their Project Engineer, Jair Aristizabal. The line is running high barrier film for flexible laminations, 3.5 - 5.0 mils thick and 35′ - 72′ wide.
‘We knew Battenfeld Gloucester had one of the most advanced systems available,’ says Fabio Gonzalez, Flexa’s Project Engineer. ‘We were also concerned about technical support, because customer service is essential. The very professional group working there was a major reason for our decision to go with Battenfeld Gloucester.’
Seven ContracoolÒ extruders lead the way downstream to a sixteen inch 7-layer Optiflow LPÔ die with internal bubble cooling (IBC) and Battenfeld Gloucester’s UltraCool air ring sitting on top. The newly designed air ring produces marked improvements in bubble stability, rates and gauge variation. Its ’self covering’ feature prevents a hole or other disturbance from losing the bubble. A precise gravimetrics batch blending and resin loading system feeds the extruders. The DigisonicÔ IBC Control System provides ease of thread up, consistent layflat and faster product changeovers.
The non-contact nature of the air bearing cage allows the bubble to glide effortlessly up through the combination air board and composite roller collapsers to Gloucester’s TraversanipÒ oscillating hauloff. Here, any slight gauge variations in the film are randomized before sending the web down the 35 foot steel tower to the proven technology of the Model 1008D winder. A programmable logic control (PLC) touch screen controls all winder functions including critical winding tensions essential for specialty films.
The entire line is operated by Battenfeld Gloucester’s Extrol 6032 Microprocessor Control System, where prestored product formulas make repeatable batches easy work. The Extrol Anywhere package provides in-plant and out-of-plant process engineers or Gloucester technicians direct modem access to the Extrol any time of day.

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