Fibagroup: Fibre reinforced pipe solutions at Achema 2003

In its presentation at Achema 2003, Frankfurt am Main, 19-24 May, Hall 3.1 Stand: O32-O34, Fibagroup will demonstrate fluid transmission systems based on economic, environmentally sound solutions for a broad range of process industry applications.
Fibagroup is a dedicated pipe system designer and manufacturer, and the Number One expert in fibre reinforced pipe (FRP) systems and associated products for the chemical, petrochemical, and chemical processing industries. Fibagroup’s pipe systems are designed to match combinations of chemical industry specifications, such as resistance to aggressive media, to heat, to pressure and to explosion, as well as suitability for above or below ground or maritime installations. Additionally FRP pipe systems offer a more cost effective solution than conventional metal pipe systems because they deliver a number of additional benefits. These include corrosion resistance, longer life span, low weight and faster and easier installation, as well as variety in joints and the possibilities of prefabrication, thereby enabling made-to-measure pipe systems.
Fibagroup’s main product group Fiberdur® pipe systems, filament wound or cast, are based on vinyl ester or epoxy resin and can be produced in diameters ranging from 25mm to 2300mm in up to 10 meter sections. Fibagroup produces, under the second main brand name Fibaflo® a range of special filament wound products such as pressure vessels, flue systems and storage tanks, that complement the company’s principal pipe systems. Fibaflo® systems are filament reinforced pipes also using polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy resin but delivered with either glass fibre or carbon fibre reinforcement. They are available in over 200 internal diameter sizes from 20mm to 5000mm.
Fibagroup’s portfolio also includes a number of operation-dedicated brands, NAVICON® pipe systems, which have a cross-filament construction incorporating a conductive filler for application in zones of high ignition risk, THERMOTHAN® pipes, pre-insulated, corrosion free GRP pipe systems for the transmission of hot liquid or condensate over long distances and FIBASCREEN®, a composite filter that provides a low maintenance alternative to metallic screen filters designed for applications in the oil and chemical industries.
A global supplier of fibre reinforced liquid transmission systems, Fibagroup brings almost 40 years of proven success, based on qualified, industry accredited workmanship, to every customer project. The group’s expertise resides in its ability to develop creative, economic piping solutions that meet all safety criteria and give the highest levels of long-term performance value.

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