MDI: Power to the heaters

Numerous plastics extruders make use of Mercury Contactors to supply power to the heaters. Mercury contactors from MDI and available through ICD Controls are ideal because of their high power capabilities and very long working life. The contactors are constructed with a body of hermetically sealed glass and stainless steel, all totally epoxy encapsulated. This gives an exterior resistant to both impact and moisture. Inert internal gases prevent excessive arcing between the mercury and metal electrodes, extending the components life and therefore saving
Contactors range in size from 20 Amp to 100 Amp in single, two, three or four pole configurations with both normally open and normally closed contacts. Standard coil voltages range from 6VDC to 250VDC and 24VAC to 480VAC which cover the majority of applications. Non-standard coil voltages are available on request.

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