Extrudex: Spiral-grooved barrel extruder

A new extruder concept developed by the University of Paderborn, Germany, has been commercialized for pipe extrusion and blow molding by Extrudex Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH in Muehlacker, Germany. Its new Helibar is a single-screw, 36:1 L/D extruder with a barrel that is spiral-grooved throughout. The groove is deep in the feed section and shallow along the rest of the barrel. Rotation speed of the special barrier screw is higher than usual, and output is also said to be significantly higher. A 70-mm-diam. Helibar produces 990 lb/hr of PE, vs. 500 lb/hr for a comparable smooth-bore extruder. Output of the 70-mm, 36:1 Helibar is similar to that of a 90-mm, 30:1 conventional extruder. Extrudex has built models of 50 and 70 mm and says they can process HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, acrylic, PET, PC, nylon 6, flexible PVC, EVA, TPU, and other TPEs.
Extrudex developed the concept for Soplar in Switzerland. Soplar builds extrusion blow molding machines exclusively for processor Alpla, which wanted a more compact extruder with higher output. Extrudex has delivered over 50 Helibar units for blow molding in the past year and a dozen for extrusion applications, mostly pipe. Extrudex has signed an exclusive supply agreement with a European injection machine builder and is looking to license the technology to a builder of extruders. Tel: +49 (7041) 96 25 0, www.extrudex.de

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