SML: Spinning lines

SML Extrusion Technology, Austria, is a leading manufacturer of spinning lines for the production of filaments out of polypropylene. The various fields of application of filament yarns require specific production processes and spinning lines. SML not only offers spinning lines for industrial yarns, like HT and MT, but also the necessary equipment for textile and carpet yarns. The well-established multifilament spinning line Austrofil FDY has recently been improved and is now available with a redesigned extruder screw allowing an increased output of up to 160 kg/h. Recently, a new machine type was designed for the production of medium tenacity yarns with a high number of single filaments and has a maximum output of 120 kg/h. Textile yarns out of polypropylene are used in garments such as sports and function wear, socks and stockings. Currently new fields of applications for PP-textile yarns are being developed, for example in the automotive industry. Yarns produced on SML multifilament spinning lines are distinguished by their good texturisation characteristics and excellent uniformity.

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