Cincinnati : New Pipe Extrusion Downstream Equipment

Extruder specialist Cincinnati Extrusion has invested its many years’ of extensive pipe extrusion experience into developing its own series of downstream equipment. The machine manufacturer is now offering a new range of vacuum baths and spray cooling baths as well as pipe haul-offs from in-house production, perfectly matching its own extruders and dies in terms of diameter and output range. VAKON is the name of the vacuum bath tanks that Cincinnati is initially introducing to the market in two different lengths: 6m and 9m. Depending on the application, the 6 m tank can be supplied in a one- or two-chamber version, while the 9 m tank comes with two vacuum chambers as standard. In line with the PH, PHPO and IRIS feedblock series, VAKON tanks are available for diameters of 63, 160, 250, 400 and 630 mm. The latest in vacuum control technology keeps the vacuum absolutely stable without any fluctuations — even during the exchange of cooling water — according to the company.

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