Makroform: New Thermoforming Sheet offers Undreamed-of Possibilities

With Vivak® HT, Makroform is enhancing its established Vivak® series of polyester sheet with an innovative type featuring a convincing property profile. The attractions of the new material are its extraordinary high temperature resistance (HT = High Temperature) of up to 91 °C and its excellent rheological behaviour. Even for difficult tasks, it can be deep-drawn without pre-drying with no difficulty thus permitting the manufacture of complex moulded articles with low energy consumption. Like all products of the Vivak® series, the new type of sheet displays superior optic, mechanical and physical properties. Of no lesser importance are the excellent value for money and the fire prevention behaviour of the thermoforming sheet. Vivak® HT is particularly suitable for all deep draw applications and vacuum moulding. For example, it can be used for the manufacture of technical articles such as neon signs, displays or dispensing machines as well as being recommended for the glazing of ski-lift cabins.

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