PE, PP and PS prices to rise

PE, PP and PS prices from Basell and Dow are going up as demand increases and the companies are able to restore some of their previous lost margins. Basell is increasing the European prices for all its polyethylene and polypropylene grades by Eur 100/tonne, effective at the latest by September 1. The company says margins were cut when the prices of polyolefin products fell abruptly during May and June following a sharp fall in demand.
Dow Europe is increasing the price of its Styron GPPS, HIPS and A-Tech advanced technology PS by Eur 50/tonne from August 1. Following disappointing levels of business through much of the second quarter, demand strengthened through late June and into July as converters replenished depleted stocks to meet increases in product demand, so the company is taking the opportunity to restore margins.

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