HT Troplast: Update of PVB film

HT Troplast has improved its polyvinylbutyrate (PVB) film introduced 20 years ago for composite security glass glazing, so that it no longer needs cooling or an intermediate PE film to prevent the film sticking to itself. The company says more product versions will follow this one for architectural glazing. Processors using the film will save cooling energy costs in storage and production areas, as well as creating an improved working environment, the company claims. Those processors that have been taking the film with an intermediate PE film will no longer be confronted by static charges as the PE film is rolled off, eliminating the risk of contamination by dust particles.

As a result of the elimination of the intermediate PE film, HT says that 66% more PVB film can be supplied on each roll, with consequent transport and storage benefits. It stresses that the new version does not cost any more than its predecessor.

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