Reifenhauser: Air cushion turner bar protects film surface

A blown film turning bar which protects the surface of the film with a cushion of air has been introduced by Reifenhäuser. The REIcofly bar has a microporous coating through which compressed air is pumped to keep the surface of the film from contacting the bar. This air is supplied by a standard factory air system and does not need a dedicated compressed air blower.
Tests have been done at the company’s Troisdorf R & D centre and the bar has been shown to be effective with high VA content EVA protective film, coextruded LLDPE stretch film and film with high optical properties. Benefits claimed for the new turner bar include reduced noise and cost from using factory compressed air, no frictional heat generation, and no bending of the turner required so no wrinkling of the film. The REIcofly bar can be retrofitted.

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