Borealis: New Borclear polypropylene grade

Unveiled in co-operation with Kiefel Extrusion GmbH at June’s prestigious NPE show in Chicago, Borealis’ new Borclear polypropylene grade overcomes conventional PP limitations in blown film. Borclear RB707CF delivers superior optical properties in combination with good processability and excellent stiffness/tenacity balance, and is intended for co-extrusion as sealing layer.

Borealis has recently developed a new class of polypropylenes called Borclear. The latest innovation of this unique random/terpolymer family is the grade Borclear RB707CF, which was unveiled at the world’s largest plastics and elastomers show NPE in Chicago, june 23-27 in co-operation with the KIRION® blown film extrusion line of machinery producer KIEFEL Extrusion GmbH. The new Borclear grade has been specially designed for conventional blown film technology with air-cooling. Up to now the majority of PP grades were quite limited in this kind of processing technology due to their poor processability, low tenacity and especially poor optical properties. With Borclear RB707CF these limitations are now overcome.

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