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Valmet Converting: Chinese firm places E9m order for slitters

Tuesday, August 5th, 2003

China’s Jiangsu Shuangliang Packaging Material Company has ordered E9m of film slitter machinery from Valmet Converting. The multiple machine order comprises one 6.7 metre wide and three 8.3 metre wide Atlas primary film slitters. The four machines will process up to 120,000 tonnes of BOPP film a year. Most of the film is destined for the packaging industry. Valmet claims the project represents the largest single investment in BOPP film production lines in the world, and says the deal is its biggest ever sales contract in China.

Multibase: Non-halogen based flame retardant

Tuesday, August 5th, 2003

Multibase, Inc. announces a major conduit-tubing manufacturer has selected Multi-Flam 0803 NH LDPE for the fiber portion of their business.

Multi-Flam 0803 NH LDPE, a non-halogen based flame retardant chemistry, has replaced halogen systems for this application. Compared to halogen systems, Multi-Flam 0803 NH LDPE was selected above all other flame-retardant systems as well because of its excellent dexterity and low swelling when extruded to many diameters.

Multi-Flam 0803 NH LDPE belongs to the Multi-Flam (flame retardant) product range. This product range is ideal for injection ad extrusion; since they exhibit melt flows from 0.8 to 22 grams per 10 minutes.

Processing Multi-Flam grades present ease of transformation at an excellent cost ratio; providing a significantly wider processing window than typical halogen systems. Because Multi-Flam grades allow flexibility in part utility since they contain no halogen products, thereby opening potential markets. Additional economic attributes result from the fact that more flexible materials enable increased mobility in assembly.

Multi-Flam NH grades feature melt flows from 0.8 to 22.0. They provide 800-2500 psi tensile strength and flexural modulus of 20,000 – 55,000 psi.

Asian Plastics News: New owner revives Asian Plastics News

Monday, August 4th, 2003

Asian Plastics News, a magazine closed by British publishing company Emap Maclaren in December 2002, has been relaunched under new ownership. Emap Maclaren of Croydon, England, announced it has sold the Singapore-based journal to Annie Chan, the publication’s former circulation and marketing manager. The magazine will relaunch with a July/August issue. Originally launched in 1989, 10-issues-per-year APN ceased publication last year with Emap blaming the loss of its vital U.S. advertising revenue, which had dried up in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. The closing put three employees out of work. Now-former editor Han Mui Ching has been rehired, and Chan has recruited new sales representatives in Singapore and Hong Kong for the magazine, which claims a readership of 12,000.
APN will continue to be published in English and Chinese for readers in China, India and South East Asia. The publication will retain some links with its former owner. Emap Maclaren will represent it in Europe and North America and APN will receive editorial support from Emap. ‘We are absolutely delighted that Asian Plastics News has resumed
publication with the same experienced Singapore-based team,’ commented Emap
Maclaren Polymer Group publishing director Andrew Beevers. Emap Maclaren, part of the publishing group Emap plc, publishes two plastics industry titles in Europe: the British newspaper Plastics & Rubber Weekly, and the monthly magazine European Plastics News. The company is not related to Plastics News.

Bayer: Higher share of Makroform joint-venture

Monday, August 4th, 2003

Bayer has bought the 45.5 per cent in the Makroform joint venture held by Röhm. The two companies extended their joint venture operation to a full merger of the businesses in 2000. Taking over the whole business gives Bayer a stronger position in the polycarbonate sheet market.
The Makroform group also includes former Bayer affiliates Axxis of Belgium and Carbolux of Italy, which have been trading under the Makroform name. The three production sites in Belgium, Italy and Germany were realigned last year to focus product ranges during a programme of plant investment.

AMUT: Complete co-extrusion line

Friday, August 1st, 2003

Apparecchiature Macchine Utensili, Italy, in co-operation with its partner company, AMUT, has recently tested a complete co-extrusion line for the production of HIPS/CRPS thermoplastic foils. This equipment is sized to enable a throughput of 800 Kg/h. The plant is complete with an efficient feeding, dosing and mixing system for raw materials. The single screw extruders belong to the lastest generation of AMUT equipment — 120 mm screw diameter 33 L/D for the main extruder and 60 mm screw diameter 28 L/D for the co-extruder — and are available complete with auxiliary fittings to produce excellent quality foil for further thermoforming of packages (0.180 – 2.5 mm thickness range in reels) and thick sheets suitable for industrial thermoforming of household appliance components (1.5 – 6 mm sheets, cut and automatically stacked). The line includes a 3-layer co-extrusion unit, with the added possibility of a fourth layer. The gauging/polishing calender main rolls are actuated by independent motors and cools the foil by means of a sized thermoregulation unit (independant circuits) granting the best conditions for a wide range of thickness and speed. The processing unit also includes: a coating system of protection film on one side of the sheet; lengthwise side trimming combined cut; and central cut in case of double foil web production.

Omnexus: Growth and progress at FAKUMA

Friday, August 1st, 2003

Global plastics eMarketplace Omnexus will mark three years since the launch of its e-commerce platform at this year’s Fakuma trade fair, to be held October 14-18 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Originally founded by Bayer, BASF, Dow, DuPont and Ticona to build a standardized system for electronic procurement in the plastics industry, Omnexus has grown to represent products and services from more than 20 plastics companies worldwide through an increasing range of innovative online services benefiting both buyers and sellers.