Rapid Granulator: Introduction of 15-Series for clean room applications

Rapid Granulator AB introduces a new dedicated granulator series for clean room applications at Fakuma 2003, hall B1 stand 7107, Friedrichshafen, Germany, from October 14 to 18.
Based on Rapid’s 1528 granulator, the new machine is equipped with a cabinet around the granulation unit that consists of two easy-to-remove parts. Negative pressure in the granulator and in the cabinet guarantee zero particle leakage from the unit. The design also incorporates an automatically operated sealed flap for the inlet of material, which is actuated by the moulding machine.
“We were approached by a manufacturer of medical applications in the United Kingdom to supply them with a completely dust proof version of the 15-Series,” says Johan Magnusson, Sales and Marketing Director of Rapid Granulator. “Their premises were clean-room class ISO8 during production (<100.000 ppm) and ISO7 when not running. In addition they depended heavily on the reliability of the granulator, to help reduce downtime during the injection moulding process.”
Magnusson continues: “Operating in these extremely clean environments demands the utmost from granulators, but thanks to Rapid’s long standing expertise we were able to provide an effective solution. The first ten units of this new, ultra clean granulator have been delivered to the UK customer and after the initial test period they are now running at full capacity.”
Other Rapid introductions at Fakuma are the type 2060 granulator, a scaled up version of Rapid’s 2048, and 1528 “Solo”. The 2060 was initially designed for the US market and is primarily developed for alongside press injection moulding applications. It will typically suit situations where Rapid’s 2048 is too small, but the larger 2660 can not be used to its fullest potential, such as the granulation of larger sprues and light-weight products. Other areas for this model are edge-trims as well as low capacity thermoforming-lines.
The 1528 “Solo” granulator has been designed for companies with only basic granulation needs. By cutting costs in the design, Rapid has succeeded in producing a very cost effective granulator that still offers Rapid’s cutting technology, high quality regrind, easy maintenance and 1 year warranty.
For more detailed information, visit Rapid at: www.rapidgranulator.se

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