Valmet: Contract with Indonesian PT Bhineka Tatmulya Industri

Valmet Converting has completed a contract to supply PT Bhineka Tatmulya Industri of Bekasi, Indonesia, with a General K Series vacuum metalliser, which will be installed for the customer early in 2004. The metalliser will process 3 metre wide cast polypropylene film to be produced on a new film line, which together with the metalliser and other associated equipment represents a major new investment for the company. The machine will process film at speeds of between 600 and 700m/min, with roll diameters of up to 1000mm. The machine has also been configured for the later retro-fitting of a plasma pre-treatment unit, should the customer require this for the improved adhesion of both metallized and clear barrier coatings.
PT Bhineka is an important manufacturer of CPP film in Indonesia, producing more than 16,000 tonnes/year at full capacity in 2002. The new film line investment will obviously lift that even higher during next year.

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