Davis-Standard: Innovative Winder Technology Reduces Operator Lifting

A recently introduced roll unloading technology from Davis-Standard significantly reduces shaft handling and related lifting injuries associated with operating turret winders. This option is available for under $50,000 on all Davis-Standard turret winders for film and coating applications. The new design features two arms for lowering and unloading full rolls onto a cart. One arm pivots away from the winder for roll removal while the second arm holds the shaft in place. This eliminates all unnecessary lifting and simplifies the unloading process. The integrated system consumes much less floor space than a separate shaft puller and cart.
Shaft handling has been an ongoing focus of Davis-Standard’s winder development. The company’s TEC-2 center winder, introduced in 2001, is a cost-efficient winding alternative equipped with shaft handling capabilities. The TEC-2 features a swing-out hoist shaft extraction and roll handling unit. The overhead hoist moves full rolls out of the winder for support by a cart or fork truck. Once the roll is removed, a new core can be placed onto the shaft and pivoted back into the winder. An integrated shaft puller draws the shaft into the winder without requiring additional floor space. The TEC-2 features dual direction winding, a 30-inch (750mm) finished roll capability, AC flux vector drives with taper tension and can wind film up to 300 feet per minute (90 meters per minute). TEC-2 manual models start at less than $100,000 while TEC-2 Plus models with automatic transfer start under $200,000.
For more information about Davis-Standard’s winder developments, contact Rick Keller at [email protected]

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