Davis-Standard: Extruder for polyurethane elastomer stretch belt

With a focus on quality and ingenuity, Pyramid Incorporated of Newton, Iowa, has carved out a global niche in the polyurethane elastomer stretch belt market. For more than 35 years, Pyramid has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of belts used in low and fractional horsepower drive applications as well as in transport devices for film, currency, mail and other small items. Vital to this success has been the reliable performance of the company’s five 1.5-inch (40mm) Davis-Standard Killion extruders. The extruders process a cumulative average of 100,000 pounds (45,360 kg) of resin annually, manufacturing round and flat belts sold throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Pyramid purchased its first Killion extruder in 1968, which is still in operation today, used for resin blending, recycling purposes and material homogenization.

“A Davis-Standard Killion extruder is like a Model T car; it runs forever,” said Tom Tripp, president of Pyramid, Inc. “We used our first machine for 15 consecutive years and then took it out of service. Then last spring, some 16 years later, we needed an extruder for a new idea, so we pulled this old machine out of storage. It started up with no trouble and we are using it daily as a blending machine and to re-process out-of-dimension extrudate with good physical properties. This has made our operation even more efficient because our blending process was taking away production time from our four other extruders.”
In addition to reliability, Tripp appreciates the accuracy and versatility of

Davis-Standard Killion extruders. Accuracy is essential as Pyramid manufactures round belts in cross-sections of .062 to .562 inches (1.6 to 14.3mm) and flat belts in a thickness range of .030 to .187 inches (.8 to 4.8mm) with widths up to
1.5 inches (40mm). Both belt types have a minimum length of 3.75 inches (95mm) but have no maximum length limitation. Additionally, all belts must be able to withstand a temperature range of -10 to +150°F. Extruder versatility for quick product changeovers is another necessity because Pyramid processes seven variations of urethane for its Pyrathane® product range. Pyrathane is a Pyramid innovation, replacing rubber with polyurethane to manufacture belts that are extremely durable without compromising elasticity. This superior abrasion resistance improves belt performance and the elasticity provides significant cost savings as it eliminates the need for tensioning devices.
“In addition to quality extruders, we appreciate how Davis-Standard services their equipment,” Tripp added. “Not long ago Paul Banks of
Davis-Standard’s aftermarket department provided technical advice that prevented us from spending more money than necessary on components we didn’t need. Paul immediately identified the problem and we were pleased. We will only purchase Davis-Standard Killion extruders in the future.”
Pyrathane belts are used in several commercial and household devices such as live roller conveyors, postage meters, copier paper transports, silicon wafer transports, key cutters, humidifiers, microwave oven deflectors, vacuum cleaners, laundry appliances, computer printers, floor care equipment and personal whirlpools. For more information about Pyramid’s belt capabilities, visit www.pyramidbelts.com. For more information about the Davis-Standard Killion product line, contact Simon Dominey at [email protected]

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