Kuhne: Large Orders for flat film and sheet line

Kuhne, Germany, will deliver a flat film line to an unnamed French sheet manufacturer next month. The customer will use the line to produce thermoformable sheet for the food industry. The order, worth around Euro 3m, has helped Kuhne to increase sales to around Euro 50m. The line can co-extrude up to three layers to produce PS, polyester and PP sheet, in thicknesses of 0.2 to 2mm. The line is 1,400mm wide and has an output of 1,000kg/hour. For the first time, Kuhne will incorporate downstream coating and laminating into the line, allowing a PE or barrier layer to be added to the co-extruded sheet.
Kuhne has also supplied a sheet line to a customer in the Ukraine, which is producing 10mm thick polycarbonate sheet for construction panels. The PC sheets will also be used to make separation panels in trains.

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