PolyOne:New High Pigment Loading Color Solutions

The new range of OnColor HL color concentrates are designed to meet the increasing demands for cost-effective color concentrates. These concentrates are highly loaded with pigments and/or additives, therefore requiring a much lower rate of addition, leading to a lower total cost of coloration.

The OnColor HL technology allows loading up to 90% for inorganic pigments and 55% for organic pigments, compared with 60% and 40% respectively based on traditional technology. Tests on film (HDPE), injection (PP & HIPS), extrusion (rigid PVC) and conduit (rigid PVC) applications have shown that a lower rate of addition than normal can be used with consistent results.

OnColor HL also responds to the need for universal carriers and offers good compatibility with a wide range of thermoplastics. Depending on the application, the pigment recipe and the customers’ range of polymers, the carrier system can be adapted to ensure optimum compatibility offering a potential reduction in inventory for the customer.

PolyOne’s OnColor HL also offers customers other benefits including high color strength and good color dispersion even with high pigment loading. OnColor HL is also available as SmartBatc - color and additive combinations including anti-static, UV barrier, flame retardant, slip and anti-blocking agent etc.

To ensure that the OnColor HL color concentrate is tailored to your needs we suggest customers contact our technical service for advice.

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