Xaloy: New Barrier Screw for Higher Output at Lower Temperatures

A new barrier screw design for injection molding and extrusion is said to overcome limitations of earlier designs by delivering higher throughput at lower melt temperatures. The patent-pending Fusion screw from Xaloy Inc. was originally developed by New Castle Industries, which Xaloy acquired in August. Processing trials with a 3.5-in. extruder and fractional-MI HDPE reportedly produced throughputs “up to 22% higher than those typically achieved with other barrier screws,” according to Tim Womer, engineering manager at Xaloy/New Castle. Melt temperatures were also relatively low (383 to 416 F at 125 rpm), he said. A unique feature of the screw is said to be a chaotic mixing action that thoroughly homogenizes the melt with little or no increase in its average temperature. Production trials show the Fusion screw to work with LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, PET, ABS, and PLA degradable polymer. www.xaloy.com

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