APV Baker: New Extrusion Software

The Industrial Extruder division of APV Baker has now added software that allows today’s extruders to be supported by a selection of operator interfaces and data logging systems, which allow integration into a total management information system. HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) together can provide a complete view of the production process at a central point, and offer real time and historical trending, maintenance monitoring and recipe control. Within a plastics twin-screw extrusion operation, real time data can be available at the HMI, which features a touch-screen, with full data capture facility allowing recording of all running parameters and multiple views of the process through different screens. Data might typically include: temperature of the barrel and the product in process; the pressure of product in the extruder; vacuum levels; speed of the extruder screw; torque of the main drive; mass flow rate of all feed materials; volume flow rate of liquid additions; and product properties. Process parameters measured can include temperature, speed, pressure, flow and torque; and product parameters that can now be measured include bulk density, colour, moisture, shape and size.

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