Davis-Standard: “Super Blue™” Validates Expectations

In only three months since market introduction, Davis-Standard’s “Super Blue ™” extruder has lived up to its promise of value, high performance and fast delivery. Davis-Standard has sold many Super Blue extruders to date, primarily for profile applications, but has also received much interest from fiber, specialty system and sheet processors. Plastics Extrusions, Inc., a division of LTI Flexible Products, of Elkhart, Indiana, was one of the first to purchase a Super Blue. The 3 1/2-inch (90mm) extruder supplied with
Davis-Standard’s barrier screw technology has more than tripled the company’s production rate for its largest profile from 3 feet per minute to 10 feet per minute (.9 to 3 meters per minute). The Super Blue processes a variety of low durometer vinyl, engineered thermoplastics and vulcanates for Plastics Extrusions’ trim and seal products sold to the RV, marine and automotive aftermarket industries. Plastics Extrusions is the premier seal manufacturer for these markets.
“In the past we’ve sacrificed throughput because of the low durometer and processing parameters of the materials we run,” said Norm Newhouse, general manager at Plastics Extrusions. “The Super Blue processes these materials so efficiently that it has provided additional capacity without additional capital investment.”
The delivery timeline for the Super Blue is two weeks from the order date. With such a short lead time, Davis-Standard has a designated production team to ensure quality control throughout the process. Davis-Standard’s team continues

to exceed delivery expectations by completing the electrical, mechanical, parts assembly and testing procedures in as early as one week. The efficiencies of the Super Blue manufacturing process reflect the integration of Davis-Standard’s Six Sigma strategy to improve operational performance.
Newhouse added, “The extruder has exceeded our expectations and the delivery was excellent. It is a great value as advertised. Brad Sprague, the
Davis-Standard sales engineer who sold us the Super Blue, did an excellent job of addressing our needs. Davis-Standard has set the bar for sales, service and quality.”
The Super Blue is available in 2-inch (50mm), 2 1/2-inch (65mm), 75mm and 3 1/2-inch (90mm) sizes, each with a 24:1 L/D ratio. The extruder is equipped with preferred features including a low noise, high torque double-reduction gearbox; cast aluminum finned heaters bolted to the barrel; an AC drive and motor; and a high capacity air cooling system. Design advantages include a rigid base with structural steel construction; a wear-resistant bimetallic barrel designed for 10,000 psi operating pressure with removable barrel flange, rupture disc and pressure transducer; a modular, “inverted-L” style control panel for improved accessibility; and a gear drive reducer with heavy-wall, two-piece iron housing and single helical gearing. The Super Blue is standard with a three-year warranty and is available with a wide range of DSB® barrier screw designs.
For more information about Super Blue extruders, contact Wendell Whipple at [email protected]

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