Chase Machinery: pex-steel-pex composite pipes up to 1000mm

Extruder manufacturer Chase Machinery is a leading supplier of pex-al-pex pipe extrusion lines worldwide. The company has already exported its pex-al-pex pipe extrusion lines to Iran, Vietnam, Portugal, Indonesia and Malaysia. Just now another line is shipped to Greece, the second of its kind to Europe. Pex-al-pex pipes combine advantages of both plastic pipes and metal pipes, but eliminates their disadvantages, thus now these pipes are widely used in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia. However, aluminium is quite expensive, especially for big size pex-al-pex pipe,its high costs stopping this multilayer pipe to develop forward in some ways.

After many years of experience Chase Machinery has successfully launched to use steel sheet to replace alu-sheet in making bigger sizes of multilayer pipes. This pex-steel-pex pipe is more cost-effective than HDPE pipe, PPR pipe or metal pipes. It is a very attractive solution for pipes pipes from 40-1000mm.
The company has delivered more than 40 sets of extrusion lines for this pex-steel-pex composite pipes,to be the pioneer and leader in this fields. For more information:

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