Dow Corning: Increase of silanes capacity

Dow Corning Corporation has announced it has increased production of its broad range of silane coupling agents by more than 40 percent to better satisfy customer demand.
The increased capacity is the result of more than $6 million in improvements to the company’s manufacturing processes in the past two years, according to Ken Kaufman, global product line manager, silanes and silica.
“The improvements will provide a dependable supply of high-quality silanes around the world,” Kaufman said. “Customers now have a reliable source whether they’re looking for lower volatility silane solutions, higher purity, or improved consistency of their silanes”

Dow Corning pioneered organosilane technology more than 50 years ago. The company provides product, formulation and application engineering in all families of chlorosilanes and alkoxysilanes—methylchloro, trichloro, alkyl, phenyl, fluoro, as well as functional organosilanes such as amino, styrylamino, epoxy, methacryl, sulfido, and vinyl.
To learn more about the full range of Dow Corning Silanes products, call +44 (0)1676 528000.

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