Linpac: Purchase of Infia

U.K. packaging supplier Linpac Plastics has acquired Infia of Italy, another packaging company, in a deal that expands Linpac’s products and markets. Both companies are private and the value of the deal was not disclosed. Linpac produces food packaging, primarily film and polystyrene foam, as well as disposable tableware in 25 factories worldwide. It employs 4000. Infia is a leading European supplier of fruit and produce packaging, with plants in Bologna, Italy, and Valencia, Spain. It employs 300. Infia has a strong position in Italy, Spain, and France, and has moved aggressively to serve rapidly growing markets around the Mediterranean. Linpac not only gains access to the products and markets of Infia, but now provides a range of packaging materials including APET, polypropylene, PS foam, PVC films, and barrier films.

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