Business Communications: TPE Use in Hose and Tubing to Outperform Rivals

Use of thermoplastic elastomers in the U.S. for flexible polymeric hose and tubing will outperform competitive materials in coming years, though growth will be from a smaller base. A report by Business Communications Co., Norwalk, Conn., Polymeric Flexible Hose and Tubing Markets (RP-122U), finds that from 2003 to 2008, TPEs in this market will post an average annual growth rate of 3.4%, accounting for 68 million lb in 2008. Non-elastomeric thermoplastics, by contrast, will grow at an average annual rate of 2.7% to 468 million lb, and thermoset rubber will grow by 2.4% to 282 million lb. The market has five product categories: automotive and aeronautical hose and tubing, hydraulic hose, industrial hose, industrial tubing, and consumer and healthcare hose and tubing.

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