Henschel: 26 PVC mixer combinations to China

A total of 26 mixer combinations for the production of PVC dry blend will be supplied to the Chinese Dalian Shide Group by the MixingSystems Division of Henschel Industrietechnik GmbH of Kassel/Germany under its largest contract signed to date. Henschel had been supplying PVC mixers and complete material handling lines to Dalian Shide production sites since the start of the group’s profile extrusion operations in 1995. The high quality of the PVC dry blends obtained, the rugged design of the mixer combinations, and Henschel’s good customer support played a key role in the partner’s decision to continue their cooperation. As an industrial group active in many business sectors, Dalian Shide is among the world’s largest manufacturers of PVC profiles for windows and doors. Their current production expansion will bring up mixing capacity from a previous 480,000 million tonnes to 1 million tonnes/year.
Delivery of the 26 PVC mixers is scheduled for the period from February through July, 2004. Divided into 7 part-shipments, the equipment will be forwarded to three customer sites at Chengdu (Sichuan Province in the south-west of China), Dalian (Liaoning Province in the north-east of China), and Shanghai. The shipments under the present contract form part of the material supply logistics of Henschel’s sister company, Reimelt GmbH & Co. KG of Rödermark/Germany, which covers the entire chain from incoming goods to the extruder hopper. For this company, too, the Dalian Shide order was its biggest yet.

Each of the mixer combinations destined for Dalian Shide will provide a mixing capacity of 20,000 tonnes/year over an annual 7,200 operating hours and consists of the following:
- Fluid Mixer FM 1000 with self-cleaning Variant mixing tool carrying a special armoring for increased service life;
- horizontal Cooling Mixer HM 3500 cycled to cooperate with the heating mixer and equipped with a mixing tool designed specifically for PVC to provide a gentle and effective cooling action;
- an effective filter system guaranteeing virtually dust-free production.
- The Siemens S7-based PLC control system of each mixer combination enables a fully automatic mixing process and manages the data exchange with the higher-order plant control architecture.

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