Kuhne: Flat Film Line

Kuhne has recently built a flat film line for PET with the possibility of inline coating and laminating. The line is designed for thermo formable film in a thickness range from 200 µm to 1200 µm. A net film width of 1250 mm can be obtained. The capacity of the line is above 1300 kg/h and is extremely flexible as it has the ability to run raw materials like A-PET, PS, PP, as well as foamed PP and PET. Especially for the food packaging industry, the extruders are equipped with the new ‘low emission package’ from Kuhne. This means that the extruders’ motor and gear section are fully enclosed in order to keep the noise level and the heat emission low and to make it easy for the operators to clean the machine. It is possible to supply a coating layer, for example a sealing layer of LDPE or LLDPE by means of an additional extruder, which is positioned above the laminating station. Furthermore a laminating film can be added via a two station unwinding unit. This lamination film can be a printed film, or a film with specific properties, for example a high barrier film.

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