NFM Iddon: Small Extruder Range

NFM Iddon, Lancashire, UK has developed a new range of small extruders for use in R&D and co-extrusion applications. The machines extend from 20 mm Ø to 45 mm Ø and can be belt or directly driven via geared motors. The company has just delivered a 30 mm 25:1 L/D extruder to Scapa Polymerics at its new site in Ashton-Under-Lyne. The extruder will process its Megolon compounds for testing in a new state of the art laboratory. The range of co-extruders comprises wheel or track mounted horizontal machines, retractable carriage mounted machines or the company’s new vertically supported design with lockable collar off a vertical column. The co-extruders are all equipped with analogue swivel mounted operator panels, bi-metallic barrels and hinge die support with quick release toggle clamps. All the machines are built at NFM’s premises in Leyland and include machines supplied to US customers through the company headquarters in Massillon, Ohio, US.

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