Barlo Plastics: New Sheet Material Launched

Barlo Plastics has launched a new sheet material — BARLO CAST lumina — that allows designers to use the ‘third dimension’ of their product as a light source. BARLO CAST lumina has special light diffusion characteristics, which effectively illuminate the whole sheet surface as a result of light waves passing through the edges of the sheet. This means that smaller and lower power lighting sources can be installed bringing energy saving and construction cost reduction in such installations as urban furniture and poster frames. Ultra slim profile frames can be specified along with a wide choice of lighting sources, such as fluorescent tubes, optical fibres or LED’s. BARLO CAST lumina will be available immediately in a range of thickness from 6 to 15 mm and in one standard sheet size of 2 m x 3 m. The greatest demand for this product is envisaged to be clear sheet. So far two colours have been produced — red and blue. Barlo prefers to make each colour to order in close cooperation with the client. This process allows complete control of the final appearance of the product, according to Barlo’s technical department.

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