Borealis: Greater profitability with CleantainerTM delivery of SupercureTM LE8201

The manufacture of XLPE power cables has risen by more than 25% over the past five years. And, as the demand for power increases and earlier generation technologies such as paper cables are replaced, the growth rate in volume is certain to rise higher. This will create two challenges: the need for increased manufacturing productivity and an improved delivery system to move product to the customer.

To meet these challenges, improved logistics will be needed to deliver high quality materials to extrusion facilities. To date, the method used to transport cable materials has been the one tonne box, which is filled and emptied under clean room conditions. However, to handle the higher delivery quantities that will be demanded in future by the cable industry, a new bulk delivery technology has been developed.

Meeting greater demand for cable, without recourse to capital investment in an additional Catenary Continuous Vulcanization line, can be achieved through higher line speeds. But in very many instances the productivity of a medium voltage cable making facility is held back by the crosslinking speed of materials. Where this is the case, Supercure LE8201 can provide the solution. This material has an advanced crosslinking mechanism that enables the crosslinking to be carried out more efficiently. In practice this can mean cable lines running as much as 30% faster, and therefore yielding a 30% increase in volume.

Cleantainer delivery and Supercure LE8201 provides a unique fusion of complementary technologies. As line speeds increase with the use of Supercure LE8201, the supply of materials, in sufficient quantity and in clean room-acceptable condition is conveniently addressed by Cleantainer. Together these new technologies can make a very significant contribution to operability, productivity and ultimately profitability.

Cleantainer, the new bulk delivery technology, is among the new, advanced wire and cable solutions, which will be presented at the Borealis Stand at Wire 2004, D70, Hall 10.

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