Davis-Standard: Groove Feed Technology to all Product Lines

Due to impending demands, Davis-Standard has further developed its groove feed extruder line to support a range of blown film, blow molding, sheet, pipe and profile, and wire and cable applications. Advances in both groove feed bushing and screw design have allowed Davis-Standard to provide processors with increased throughput and improved polymer homogenization at reduced melt temperatures. The majority of Davis-Standard’s groove feed customers have increased outputs by 40 percent, and in some cases outputs have doubled.

Groove feed extruders, available in 2- to 6-inch (50 to 150mm) 34:1 L/D sizes, include a wear resistant, unitized groove feed housing with a removable and replaceable groove feed bushing. The bushing is available in multiple groove designs for processing a range of thermoplastic materials including PP, PVC, polyolefins and various engineered resins. Aggressive, rectangular grooves are available for stiffer polyolefin materials as well as milder, ratchet-style grooves for softer materials such as flexible PVC.

On the feedscrew side, Davis-Standard’s patented DSB®-VI barrier screw is specifically designed for high throughputs and incorporates a dual barrier with a variable lead barrier flight. The DSB-VI minimizes wear within the aggressive groove feed environment and improves stability in head pressure and melt temperature. Wider channels accommodate larger outputs and provide a 40 percent increase in melting capacity when compared to conventional barrier screws. Additionally, this design has provisions to fit several mixing sections to the screw for the production of uniform melt properties to consistently disperse additives and polymer blends.
Davis-Standard recently installed a 3 1/2-inch (90mm) groove feed laboratory line at its Technical Center in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, to support customers and demonstrate groove feed advantages. For more information about Davis-Standard’s groove feed capabilities or to schedule a demonstration, contact Wendell Whipple at [email protected]

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