Battenfeld: Low-cost extrusion line

Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik, Germany, has further optimised its miniBEX — a low-cost extrusion line to manufacture high-end small industrial profiles. The miniBEX, which is delivered as a ‘plug and play’ unit, consists of five components. One of its new features is that all four processing units, the active conical twin screw extruder BEX 2-54 C, the parallel twin-screw extruder BEX 2-50-16 V, and the two single-screw extruders BEX 1-45-25 D and BEX 1-60-25 D are now available upon request with BMCplus control instead of BMCsmart control. This control system is appreciated by customers worldwide for its ease of operation and range of options, which offer maximum flexibility. Another innovative improvement has been made to the drives of the single-screw extruders. Their conventional motors and drives have now been replaced by high-performance CMG compact-drive motors. Small footprint, low acoustic pressure and low vibration, as well as excellent cooling properties, are the most outstanding advantages of this new drive technology. The calibrating table, which is part of the standard down-stream equipment, is now available in two lengths — 6 m and the standard 4 m.

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