Exatec: Superior Polycarbonate Glazing Technology

The new product combines the excellent abrasion & scratch resistance of the established Exatec500™ system with significantly improved weathering performance. According to the Exatec Predictive Weathering Model™, parts will withstand more than 10 years of outdoor exposure, which is one of the most important quality criteria for Polycarbonate windows.
The key technology is a proprietary weathering layer – Exatec SHX™, which was specifically developed as a system interlayer. In addition, the weathering layer’s water-based primer - Exatec SHP 9X™ - is less aggressive on molded parts and more environmental friendly. This innovative solution enables molding with even more innovative part designs and improves the process yield.

Exatec900™ has been validated with specific grades of Lexan® and Makrolon® to meet the most stringent OEM requirements, establishing polycarbonate as an excellent glazing material. Current applications offer up to 50% weight reduction and windows with a truly three dimensional shape. This allows the integration of all parts usually attached to or surrounding the piece of glass in one single polycarbonate part.

Exatec, a joint venture of Bayer MaterialScience and GE Advanced Materials, is continuously developing new technologies as part of the Exatec Glazing System, which is currently licensed to the Tier Industry.

The introduction of Exatec900™ offers OEMs and automotive suppliers the opportunity to define new boundaries in vehicle glazing with advanced Exatec Polycarbonate Glazing Systems. Panoramic roof systems, highly integrated backlites and innovative door modules are only some of the options now available to OEMs.

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