Borealis: Insulating compounds for enhanced transmission in communication cables

To meet the growing need for enhanced electrical properties in telephone, TV and data cables Borealis, the leading supplier of polyethylene to the global wire and cable industry, has further developed its cellular insulation compounds. Borcell is an extensive range of chemically and physically blown polyethylene (PE) compounds offering improved transmission properties and processability.

The use of the internet and mobile phones has accelerated the need for accurate and fast transmission of large volumes of data, speech and pictures. This has led to a requirement for enhanced electrical properties of the solid or cellular dielectric insulation materials used in communication cables.

Borealis’ new Borcell PE cellular compounds are optimised to generate uniform and evenly distributed cells, which enhances transmission properties. In addition, improved flow properties, melt elasticity and purity ensure the cable producer superior processing allowing high line speeds in combination with minimised capacitance variations.

Typical applications for the various Borcell PE insulation compounds include:
• Multipair telephone cables, CATV (community antenna television cables) and data cables produced with chemical blowing having expansion degrees up to 50%
• High expansion physical foamed insulations, up to 80% expansion.
• 3G mobile phone antenna, using 50 Ohm coaxial cables, which demand minimal losses.

Borcell blown insulating compounds are among the new, advanced wire and cable solutions, which are presented at the Borealis Stand at Wire 2004, D70, Hall 10.

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