Milacron: Multimedia Machine Controls with patent

Milacron Inc., USA, recently received a U.S. patent (No. 6,609,038) for its control system that incorporates advanced multimedia capabilities. The multimedia capabilities are an option on the Xtreem NT control, which is standard on Milacron’s injection machines and optional on extruders.

The multimedia capability lets processors create videos, photos, and advanced text messaging that operators can access at the machine for assistance in setting up new jobs or to troubleshoot problems during operation. The images and text can be programmed to appear automatically when an operator sets up a machine or a specific process error occurs. The use of images can help overcome language problems among operators.

Multimedia capabilities will be standard on the new Xtreem XP control, which Milacron claims is the first in the plastics industry to use standard Intel PCs to control the molding process. Tel: (513) 536-2428,

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