Cabot Corp.: Cooperation with GE for aerogel-filled PC sheet

Cabot Corporation and GE Structured Products are to co-operate in the development of an energy-saving polycarbonate glazing panel intended to bring increased thermal insulation and light transmission levels between two and four times higher than currently available alternative products.
The idea is to fill GE’s Lexan Thermoclear multi-wall PC sheet with Cabot’s Nanogel translucent aerogel. Nanogel is a waterproof, lightweight, nanoporous insulation material that can be produced in a range of particle sizes to optimize appearance and window performance. In a 25 mm section panel, it delivers up to 40 per cent light transmission and provides thermal insulation down to 0•8 W/m2-K. It also provides acoustic insulation of up to 5 dB.
Combining Nanogel with Lexan Thermoclear is expected to bring a range of benefits to building applications including the ability to use larger panels for significantly improved light diffusion, without shadows and without the need for sunshades; reduced energy costs due to the improved thermal insulation; improved comfort due to better sound damping; and better aesthetic effects when viewed from outside or inside a building.

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