Teknor Apex: New flexible vinyl compound

New flexible vinyl profile compounds from Teknor Apex can be run at lower temperatures than the company’s previous products of this type, enabling extrusion processors to increase throughputs by 15 to 25% while maintaining close tolerances and achieving smooth, gel-free surfaces, it was announced today at Plast-Ex 2004 by the Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex (Booth 136).

Typical processing temperatures for the new Apex (R) compounds are around 300 deg. F, as compared with temperatures of approximately 350 deg. F required for processing earlier Apex profile extrusion products, according to Philip Morin, industry manager. ‘Because cooler material is more viscous, it can pass through sizing equipment at higher speeds while maintaining target dimensions,’ Morin said. ‘This improvement is particularly advantageous in the production of complex or thick-walled profiles, which are especially difficult to hold within tolerance when extruded ‘hot’.’

The new compounds are priced at levels comparable to earlier Apex counterparts and are available in three series, each with grades spanning a range of durometers: Apex 2000-H clear formulations; Apex 2500-H compounds, which are lightly mineral filled; and moderately filled Apex 3000-H products.

Typical applications include seals and gaskets, such as those for appliances and recreational vehicles; weather-stripping and glazing beads; furniture trim; automotive trim; and appliance rub strips.

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